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Day 1 – Melbourne to Korea, Seoul (from Incheon)

April 22nd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

And so it begins. This morning I headed off to my 6-weeks trek to Japan, via Korea.

First up, we rock up in the usual hurry (look we’re only 15mins from the airport, 7mins if I’m driving!) only to find that the Korean Air flight was delayed by an hour or so. But the airline kindly issued an apology with a $10 coupon to use in the airport Cafes. So naturally as I didnt have my caffeine fix, I decided to spend it wisely at Hudson Coffee with a Tall Mocha and a Chocolate muffin, with the remaining $2 the girl offered a chocolate doughnut to complete the chocolate delight.

Probably around 12hrs later we arrived in Seoul, Incheon to pouring rain at about 6ish in the evening. Wow! What an airport, the place is huge. Checkout wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was going to be, I had to make sure I hurry out in order to get my pass for my “free” night stay at the expense of Korean Air. After getting pasted with a “KL Transit” sticker I waited patiently awaiting my shuttle bus. Two korean guys came (slightly confused) loaded us up and we drove to our hotel. First thing to note was that they drive on the right and their drivers are on the left – much like the americans. The roads on the other hand are anything but, everything is electronic or flashing, the roads are super clean and unlike Australia the side of the roads are not setup with reflectors, instead little indicating blinkers. Something somewhere is blinking as you drive.

Once I got to the hotel, checked in and lugged my bag to my room, I rushed to the bathroom, to my surprise it was one of those “Electronic Toilets” you only see in movies, hear on the internets or see on TV shows. You know the ones I mean, they have heated seats, spray water and dry your rear all while you relax and wonder why no-one had thought about it earlier. I mean surely they couldn’t possibly exist. Well let me tell you they do!

Next up I flicked on the TV to see what Korean TV was like, to my surprise there was an infomercial about Playboy gear hosted by two cute Korean girls. Flicking through I came across a TV channel dedicated to “Games”, these guys are indeed crazy about their games. A TV Channel dedicated to games and full commentary as they’re playing.

As the flight was tiring I’m headed for bed after I type this out.

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  1. Tesha
    July 9th, 2008 at 00:29 | #1

    Hi, im actually gonna be travelling from melbourne to london via korean. Can you tell me if the plane u travelled on had the new seats or the old style seats. and also did you get your own personal tv? cos apparently the flight from australia to anywhere else, on korean air has the old style seats and has no personal tv. I hope you can confirm with me before i leave! im actually leaving mid September, thanks!!

  2. July 9th, 2008 at 01:10 | #2

    howdy, unfortunately I had the ‘old style’ seats which didn’t have a TV Unit. Luckily I had someone fun to talk to on the way to Korea and on the way back I resorted to dozing off and later used my lappy. The onboard entertainment (Horton Hears a Who & Juno) werent so bad, but not the greatest for a 10hr+ flight.

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