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Google Chrome Released!

September 3rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

As posted and you would have no doubt have heard, Google has entered the bra-ow-sar wars with their own take on how the web should be with Google Chrome. They just released the first beta for Windows XP / Vista today so go on and download a copy.

First impressions : WOW! Its ridiculously fast – taking Digg and PageFlakes as a benchmark – and the memory footprint is quite a lot better (23Mb) than the Firefox (68Mb – Safemode), Opera (41Mb) and Internet Explorer (52Mb) counterparts. As expected, each tab is a new child process to the main Chrome process, so closing a tab instantly releases the resources held by the child process.

Instructions on grabbing the sources – sucking it down the tubes as I write – is available on the Chromium website.

UPDATE: The Register has a humourous look at the Google Comic, good for a lunch-break read.

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    great news. At last they came to the browser war. Thanks for the info i going there to use

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