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Smelly Apple? That stinky Mac Pro could give you more than Apple Sauce…

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Rotting Apple

Everyones favourite cool trend-setting company, no not Google, I’m talking the fruity company it seems has gone stinky with its premium quality, fresh, low-fat Big Mac Pros.

From an article published in TheRegister:

A French newspaper is claiming some Mac Pro owners are at risk of developing leukemia and other ills from breathing in toxic materials emitted from Apple’s top-of-the-line PCs.

According to Paris newspaper, Libération, an odd odor given off by some Mac Pros could be the result of several toxins used in the machines, including benzene.

“The computer emitted fumes which, after a week of use, caused a pronounced irritation of the cornea and respiratory passages,” he told Libération.

“We have identified seven volatile organic contaminants,” the lab’s Bernard Tailliez is quoted saying. The notable ingredients are styrene, benzene, and its derivatives.

The Apple forums do indeed contain posts about the smelly Pro’s which start from may last year, to quote coogie2 who made the initial comment:

It’s not a plastic smell. The best comparison I can make is if you would pour water on your carpet in the middle of the summer and let it go for a few days. That musty, mildewey smell.

That’s not a smell I’d want to have to put up with on a daily basis at work. According to a blog on the Guardian, it seems the units in question were made in China and not in Apple’s Cork factory in Europe.

Unconfirmed stories suggest the problem Mac Pros have been built in China, not at Apple’s European factory in Cork. If so, the risk could affect few or no UK users.

In either case, all jokes asside if you notice a smelly rotten musky fat Apple you’re best to call AppleCare or Support team (“Its your money. You paid for it.” (1:58), so make the most of it) and get them to look into it.

If they dont address this soon, I smell a lawsuit. Maybe Stevo could send a personal open letter out apologising for the stink bombs himself?

Libération claims that after contacting Apple France, they were told “engineers are working on the problem.”

Lets hope for a quick resolution, maybe its all just a big PR stunt from the Microsoft camp and the smell is really your half-eaten cheesy Big Mac.

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  1. KeiraG
    October 13th, 2008 at 17:40 | #1

    lol u made me larf so much jus now

    also ur ads showin:

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    Urine odour & stain remover – no matter how old or how bad it smells


  2. KeiraG
    October 13th, 2008 at 17:41 | #2

    hehehe u cud say i peed myself larfing

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