Mono 2.0 Released today!

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Mono has made it to version 2.0 today and brings so much goodness to the table. Some very cool new features and functionality to Mono and promises of speed improvements – which I dont doubt having tried a few things.

From the release notes:

Microsoft Compatible APIs

  • ADO.NET 2.0 API for accessing databases.
  • ASP.NET 2.0 API for developing Web-based applications.
  • Windows.Forms 2.0 API to create desktop applications.
  • System.XML 2.0: An API to manipulate XML documents.
  • System.Core: Provides support for the Language Integrated Query (LINQ).
  • System.Xml.Linq: Provides a LINQ provider for XML.
  • System.Drawing 2.0 API: A portable graphics rendering API.

Mono APIs

  • Gtk# 2.12: A binding to the Gtk+ 2.12 and GNOME libraries for creating desktop applications on Linux, Windows and MacOS X.
  • Mono.Cecil: A library to manipulate ECMA CLI files (the native format used for executables and libraries).
  • Mono.Cairo: A binding to the Cairo Graphics library to produce 2D graphics and render them into a variety of forms (images, windows, postscript and PDF).
  • Mono’s SQLite support: a library to create and consume databases created with SQLite.
  • Mono.Posix: a library to access Linux and Unix specific functionality from your managed application. With both a low-level interface as well as higher level interfaces.

Third Party APIs bundled with Mono

  • Extensive support for databases: PostgresSQL, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL server, SQLite and Firebird.
  • C5 Generics Library: we are bundling the C5 generics collection class library as part of Mono.


These compilers are part of the Mono 2.0 release:

  • C# 3.0 compiler implementation, with full support for LINQ.
  • Visual Basic 8 compiler.
  • IL assembler and disassembler and the development toolchain required to create libraries and applications.


Mono includes profiling tools, the standard development kit tools that are part of the .NET framework

  • Debugger: this is the first release when we support a debugger for managed code.
  • Gendarme: is an extensible rule-based tool to find problems in .NET applications and libraries. Gendarme inspects programs and libraries that contain code in ECMA CIL format (Mono and .NET) and looks for common problems with the code, problems that compiler do not typically check or have not historically checked.
  • Mono Linker: a linker that allows developers to reduce the size of their executables and libraries by removing features from libraries using an XML definition of the desired public API.
  • Mono Tuner: a tool to apply arbitrary user-defined transformations to assemblies. Mono uses this library to produce the Silverlight core libraries from the main system libraries.
  • Mono Documentation Tools: the Mono Documentation framework has been upgraded to support documenting generics and extension methods. The tools can be used to produce online and offline documentation for any any APIs, and are used by the project to document our own APIs.

There are so many goodies in this release if C# 3.0 with LINQ loving doesnt entice you already and the fact that Mono now provides a complete WinForms 2.0 implementation for OS X & Linux.

Whats cooler is the WebBrowser control powered by Gecko that ships with Mono, this would be an ideal drop in replacement for the MSHTML control.

Implementations of Table Layout and Flow Layout Panels and Big Arrays.

Go ahead and download a copy and give it a whirl. My how Mono has come over the years.

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