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Xbox 360: The new xbox 360 experience FTW!!!

November 22nd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have to admit, I haven’t actually played my 360 (oh crap!) for months, I just cant find the time these days – which is strange, considering I’m only working these days with no uni. After hearing about The New Xbox Experience I knew I had to update the Xbox 360 to check it out.

So what exactly is this new experience? Its a whole revamp of the 360 dashboard plugging in a more “social” entertainment focus. Gone are the old dashboard “Blade” look replaced by a sleeker user-interface:

You also create a more unique avatar, I spent a good 10 minutes just flicking through them and eventually settled one one, customised it to the way I look.

So if you’ve never seen what I look like, heres a rough guide – but no-where near as cool  as this looks like.

Ofcourse I dont wear Timberlands everywhere but I definately where my shades and a jeans + polo shirt type of guy. Whats impressive is that the avatar is heavily customisable unlike the Wii, from face, skin color, eye-brows, smile, nose, hair, watches, jewelery, shoes, clothes heck even the ears.

Another classy feature is the preloading of games to the HDD, this means your loading times are significantly reduced (like Halo). You still need to verify the game media by inserting it everytime to avoid piracy, but thereafter its loaded from the HDD.

Unfortunately NetFlix isnt available in Australia so I wasn’t able to try it out, but if you _do_ have a 360, get the update… You’ll be tripping. An update will include (maybe?) a browser much like the Opera extension for the Wii dubbed IE360.

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  1. December 5th, 2008 at 18:13 | #1

    its good stuff, love the install-to-HDD option, helps a lot ! should point out that ur post says Halo is helped by the install option but its the opposite. Bungie confirmed that the game extensively used HDD caching and as a result install to the HDD actually slows down the load times etc !

    my only bone with the NXE is the themes selection. Which OS on the planet is dumb enough to reset an entire theme when you choose a new wallpaper ? NXE ofcourse, it sucks that using custom wallpapers ( which have to be proper 16:9 or the image is distorted beyond recognition ) is pointless and MS are doing this purposely so ppl buy proper themes for the dashboard. Why cant i select a certain theme ( say the night one ) and then add a custom wallpaper on top, why does everything go to default the moment do that ? its a step back from the old dash sadly.

    also are you seeing any instability with the NXE ? my console has started crashing quiet often and my room mate’s console gave him the E-79 error and a single red ring 2 days after he updated.

    anyways have you even finished halo3 ? ur profile has none of the achievements, lemme know if u need help in campaign and wanna do coop.

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