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Bootilicious: MvcContrib 1.0 out

March 28th, 2009 No comments

Quick note that MvcContrib 1.0 is out! A perfect companion for ASP.NET MVC with some damn useful extensions to help you.

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Expensive Granny Smiths: I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.

March 27th, 2009 No comments

A sign of the times ahead, Microsoft have released a decent commercial for Windows after the Jerry Seinfeld round of ads that made you think – wtf?

This time, we meet Lauren, who wants to buy a laptop but for a strict budget of $1000.

Alternatively you can download the full Windows Media Video version or view the Sliverlight version online.

I’m not cool enough to buy a Mac either Lauren, glad to know I’m not the only uncool guy around.

Funnily enough I had a bit of an argument with one of the guys at work the other day about Apple in general. Great timing, great marketing because its true!

Chillax, she’s only an act-tor, a cute frecked red head at that 🙂

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Chirp Chirp: Twouble with Twitter

March 24th, 2009 No comments

Skype Me: Honest Idiot

March 24th, 2009 No comments

Finally, an Honest scammer.

Mr Robert Dutu, Robber To Do Too? Co-incidentally Mike’s excited about CRM – I’m certainly not very excited by it.

419 Scams are everywhere and people still fall for them unfortunately. Thankfully some are baiting and taking on the scammers.

Good for a laugh during lunch.

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Funky Moves: Linux Kernel v2.6.29 released!

March 24th, 2009 No comments

Linux Torvalds has just released Linux Kernel 2.6.29, amongst the highlights for this release include:

Linux 2.6.29 adds kernel based graphic mode setting, WiMAX support, Access Point support in the wifi stack, the inclusion of the btrfs and squashfs filesystems, ecryptfs filename encryption, ext4 no journaling mode, ocfs2 metadata checksums, a more scalable RCU implementation, filesystem freeze support, swap management in the memory controller, many new drivers and many other improvements.

Unfortunately the Linux Kernel Newbies site is still being edited for the .29 release, so you’ll have to checkout the release notes or the changelog for 2.6.29 for now and if your game, download the source and build.

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Sweet Ride: TortoiseSVN 1.6 Released!

March 23rd, 2009 No comments

Just realised that TortoiseSVN 1.6 has made it into the open!

Culminating over 9 months of development effort, this is the best release of TortoiseSVN yet, linked against Subversion 1.6.0. It delivers a lot of new features, including:

  • improved revision graph
  • improved log cache
  • many UI enhancements
  • Early support for tree conflict detection
  • …and many more.

You can get this latest release from our download page.

Please don’t forget to first read the release notes!

Together with this release, new versions of the CommitMonitor and the SVNProtocolHandler are also available.

Yay! Update for VisualSVN should be out any day now.

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Hot Pants: The Google Chrome Experiment to make you high

March 21st, 2009 2 comments

It seems the latest craze in the browser market (apart from Internet Explorer) is All About The Benjamins Javascript Engines. We have Google Chrome’s V8, Fruity Safari’s Nitro, WebKit have their own Squirrel Fish Extreme which will eventually power Safari 4, Firefox’s TraceMonkey and Opera’s Futhark. The past several months there have been numerous performance tests and  stats on pure Javascript performance across these platforms.

But now, Google has released The Chrome Experiment. Essentially a showcase of the ‘cooler’ things you can do with Javascript on the browser. Checkout the Browser Ball demo or the awesome Amiga Workbench Emulator (reminds me of Omar‘s old home page that emulated Windows 2000), the rest of the demos are equally impressive.

We think JavaScript is awesome. We also think browsers are awesome. Indeed, when we talk about them, we say they are the cat’s meow – which is an American expression meaning AWESOME.

In light of these deeply held beliefs, we created this site to showcase cool experiments for both JavaScript and web browsers.

These experiments were created by designers and programmers from around the world. Their work is making the web faster, more fun, and more open – the same spirit in which we built Google Chrome.

Awesomeness indeed.

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Lights Out: Silverlight 3 Beta SDK Released!

March 20th, 2009 1 comment
Microsoft Silverlight 3

Microsoft Silverlight 3 Logo

Looks like Microsoft have posted SDK’s & Documentation and much love for Silverlight 3.

Here’s a link dump:

Products affected by the software update (from the installer)

Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight 2 Tools RTW for Visual Studio SP1
Download Preparation
Microsoft Silverlight 3 Developer Runtime
Installation Cleanup
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition – ENU
Microsoft Silverlight 3 SDK Beta 1
Microsoft Silverlight 3 Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

More information about the changes affected by installing are documented in the readme file or checkout Tim Heuer‘s excellent post detailing the changes in Silverlight 3.

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Yesterdays Undies: Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8!!!

March 20th, 2009 No comments

A quick note that the once mighty beast that is Internet Explorer (affectionatley also dubbed, Internet {Exploder, Exploiter etc}) has released the much awaited version 8.

Internet Explorer 8 About BoxThere’s also a review on eWeek for IE 8 and an Exclusive interview on TechRadar with Microsoft’s John Curran.

Direct download links for your platform:

Grab it while its hot and add it to your list of browsers to test, or just use SuperPreview. UPDATE: we tried it, and our initial thoughts were it was lamey, stick to BrowserShots.

Whilst its downloading, checkout the History of the Internets, everything from the days of Marquees and annoying overdone GIFs, to the days where every fscking site had a flash video, to the brighter days of today, when we all seem to walk to stalk everyone else and see what they’re up to.

I’m running Windows 7 on this lappy so unfortunately you wont be able to install the RTM if your in the same boat.

In terms of security, unfortunately IE8 was defeated at Pwn2Own but not before everyones *favourite* fruit company’s Safari went down… in seconds for the second year in a row! Not even IE8 on Win7 was left out of the carnage.

Mmm I can taste those crApples rotting on teh Safari – they should add that to the list of security features.

Late for work, enjoy.

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Hot Panties: ASP.NET MVC Released!

March 19th, 2009 No comments

Microsoft ASP.NET

JIT for a deployment of UAT for a project we’re working on, Microsoft have released ASP.NET MVC framework as a final RTM only hours ago.

I’ve been working with the framework for the past couple of months and I have to admit its been a burst of fresh air from the standard webforms model.

Download a copy of the RTM and give the samples ago, its bootilicious and hopefully will bring a new cleaner way to write your ASP.NET sites in the future – not that you couldn’t do this before.

The other cool addition is the MVCContrib project which is a complimentary tidbit to help you.

See the ASP.NET MVC site for more information including the ASP.NET MVC Source and dont forget about the free eBook chapter from the upcoming book Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0.

Ah, memories of Struts without the tears and the pain.

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