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Hot Pants: The Google Chrome Experiment to make you high

March 21st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It seems the latest craze in the browser market (apart from Internet Explorer) is All About The Benjamins Javascript Engines. We have Google Chrome’s V8, Fruity Safari’s Nitro, WebKit have their own Squirrel Fish Extreme which will eventually power Safari 4, Firefox’s TraceMonkey and Opera’s Futhark. The past several months there have been numerous performance tests and  stats on pure Javascript performance across these platforms.

But now, Google has released The Chrome Experiment. Essentially a showcase of the ‘cooler’ things you can do with Javascript on the browser. Checkout the Browser Ball demo or the awesome Amiga Workbench Emulator (reminds me of Omar‘s old home page that emulated Windows 2000), the rest of the demos are equally impressive.

We think JavaScript is awesome. We also think browsers are awesome. Indeed, when we talk about them, we say they are the cat’s meow – which is an American expression meaning AWESOME.

In light of these deeply held beliefs, we created this site to showcase cool experiments for both JavaScript and web browsers.

These experiments were created by designers and programmers from around the world. Their work is making the web faster, more fun, and more open – the same spirit in which we built Google Chrome.

Awesomeness indeed.

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    there’s also Bomomo which creates cool designs – desktop background worthy!

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