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CrApple iTunes sucks the life out of your CPUz

April 12th, 2009

Now that CrApple has set off the 1-Billionth iTunes Store download ticking promo, I figured it was about time I upgraded to the latest iTunes and update the iPod Touch. Install the latest, greatest, sucks-the-will-to-live iPod Touch molester. Then as every !n00b would realise that it installs a bunch of crapolaware (like crapola, only applies to software!).

Why Apple why? Why are you tying us to your QuickTime? Why the *FSCK* do I want to install your Bonjour which I have to disable after installing? Why do I have to install MobileMe if I can’t synchronise with Thunderbird? Why is all your software using the CrApple O$X UI themes? Can’t you stick to the Windows UI guidelines, is it too hard for your fruity engineers?

iTunes openned inside WinRAR

iTunes openned inside WinRAR

Dont you give your users choice? Oh shit I forgot, this is Apple we’re talking about, its Saint Steve Jobs way or the highway to Hell. Thankfully they havent bundled Safari yet.

The funny thing is, people cant speak any more highly of Apple and iTunes, but for me its an EPIC fail (NSFW), its slow, clunky, sits there waiting for shit to happen and as I just realised, doesn’t leave you alone even after you exit the application. For one hour its been sucking the life out of one my CPU-Cores (yes, its a quadcore).

iTunes after 1hr of apparently closing it.

iTunes after 1hr of apparently closing it.

Apple software on Windows, ROFL. Maybe someone should write an open letter to McJobs and see if he can finally put this fail behind us. I might even start liking Apple then.

On an alternate note, if your *serious* about your tunes you should use something thats lightweight, easy on the eye-candy and highly configurable and a  small download. Try WinAMP or my current favourite, Foobar. On Linux I use Rythmbox.

Use something that works, not what that doucebag at the coffee shop uses :p (unless your locked into using it for your iPod/iPhone – *sigh*).

Oh btw, Mac’s are Personal Computers too, not some elite piece of expensively cheap-plastic 😉

/Rant off.

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