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Block.Drift: Ken Block Gymkhana II – The Informercial

June 8th, 2009 No comments

If you’re into cars and don’t know who Ken Block is then you’re just not into cars. If your not into cars, then you probably want to learn what drifting is because let me tell you, Ken can Drift. (what kind of an intro is that aye?)

I posted his ‘Gymkhana Practice’ video a little while ago and this is a followup to that.

If you thought the first was a blast, your in for a treat. Don’t want to ruin it. Just strap yourself in, turn up the volume and be ready for a wild ride.

(Highly recommended you checkout the HD version)

Makes me wish I had my WRX STi back again (the Liberty‘s great if you want drive from A->B), though the days of attempting drifts around Essendon DFO carpark are long gone now – with an old mid-80s Celica which was RWD, before that a friends ancient Datsun 200B Sedan, oh the memories!

See more on the DCShoes website.

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Victorian Bushfire Appeal

February 22nd, 2009 1 comment

Today marks a day of remembrance for the worst bushfire season we’ve seen in Victoria – ever. Beating Ash Wednessday and Black Friday. Whilst I was away, more than 1800 homes have been lost and more than 200 people have perished in what seems includes several deliberately lit fires.

Fires raging on

A bushfire burns through a forest on the outskirts of Labertouche, 90km (56 miles) east of Melbourne February 7, 2009.

Please consider donating to the Victorian Red Cross – Bush Fire Appeal 2009, you can donate online from anywhere in the world. Currently (as of 22/02/2009) there are still fires raging throughout regional victoria:

Vehicles on the Yea Road near Kinglake came to grief during the firestorm. Photo: John Woudstra / Source: The Age

More images, videos and articles of the devastation is posted as a slideshow and full coverage is available on The Age website.


Detailed bushfire information is available on the Department of Sustainability & Environment website with maps of the affected areas available on the CFA website.

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