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Block.Drift: Ken Block Gymkhana II – The Informercial

June 8th, 2009 No comments

If you’re into cars and don’t know who Ken Block is then you’re just not into cars. If your not into cars, then you probably want to learn what drifting is because let me tell you, Ken can Drift. (what kind of an intro is that aye?)

I posted his ‘Gymkhana Practice’ video a little while ago and this is a followup to that.

If you thought the first was a blast, your in for a treat. Don’t want to ruin it. Just strap yourself in, turn up the volume and be ready for a wild ride.

(Highly recommended you checkout the HD version)

Makes me wish I had my WRX STi back again (the Liberty‘s great if you want drive from A->B), though the days of attempting drifts around Essendon DFO carpark are long gone now – with an old mid-80s Celica which was RWD, before that a friends ancient Datsun 200B Sedan, oh the memories!

See more on the DCShoes website.

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Youtubing: Ken Block Gymkhana Practice (MY06 Subaru WRX STi)

November 18th, 2008 3 comments

Now thats what I call skills, Gymkhana encapusulates everything to show your true skills in handling a car – in this case a MY06 Subaru WRX STi. Damn I miss my MY03 STi 🙁 – not that I could pull _any_ of those styles of driving (except maybe a half-assed powerslide).

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Autosalon 2008 – The Cars, The Ladies & The Nissan Skyline R35-GTR

October 5th, 2008 3 comments

A good mate from highschool and I decided to get to the AutoSalon today. The day started out – as we’d planned the night before – quite late, about 11am meetup at our old highschool (they’re website is still partying like its 1999), then take one car to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. But as chance would have it, neither of us turned up on time. Zi Kai didnt realise that Day Light Saving time comes into affect today and the friends house I was sleeping over at ended up turning the clock _back_ an hour instead of infront. So after a few SMS exchanges we rescheduled and got there an hour or so later.

One of the main highlights in this years show – atleast for us – was the Nissan Skyline R35-GTR which was going to be having a dyno run (already on youtube!). It was well worth it, just to get close to see the sexy beast the GTR is.

A selection of photos from the entire Autosalon 2008 Set on Flickr appear below, they were taken with the awesome Canon EOS 40D which I bought from Digital Camera Warehouse before my trip to Japan.

HalTech Nissan Skyline R35-GTR on the Dyno at Autosalon 2008 in Melbourne.
Sexy front shot of the HalTech Nissan Skyline R35-GTR
Side shot, pwurtey…

Then ofcourse there was the other cars that are worth mentioning:

Nissan Skyline R34-GTR
Nissan Skyline R34-GTR, I’m Blue Daba De Daba Di edition.

And lets not forget the girls:

JLAudio girl.
I was so in love with the girl in the red pink dress, there’s a few more of photos of her and all the girls .

And finally in keeping with tradition, a shot with two hotties + me.

I rarely go in photos, but who could say no?

The entire series of Photos taken by myself can be viewed on the Autosalon 2008 Flickr Gallery.

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