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Apple Security: I’m in yo keeboards hax0ring yo porn sitez.

August 2nd, 2009 No comments

I’ll let you decide if this is LOL worthy.

APPLE KEYBOARDS ARE vulnerable to a hack that puts keyloggers and malware directly into the keyboard. This could be a serious problem, and now that the presentation and code is out there, the bad guys will surely be exploiting it.

The vulnerability was discovered by K. Chen, and he gave a talk on it at Blackhat this year. The concept is simple, a modern Apple keyboard has about 8K of flash memory, and 256 bytes of working ram. For the intelligent, this is more than enough space to have a field day.

Nothing is encrypted, decrypted, and the process is simple. You then resume HIDFirmwareUpdaterTool, and in a few seconds, your keyboard is compromised. Formatting the OS won’t do you any good, the code is in keyboard flash. There are no batteries to pull, no nothing, the keyboard is simply compromised.

Then from the proof of concept document:

The application checks a number of properties of the keyboard and checks the validity of the ?rmware image ?le kbd 0x0069 0x0220.irrxfw in the bundle. The ?rmware validity checking routine is called CRC32: and is the 75 byte routine starting at 0x00003005. Despite the name, this routine does not do CRC32 at all and in fact, it simply just adds up the bytes of the ?rmware image ?le and the application veri?es that the sum is 0x252ed7.

EPIC FAIL. While the rest of the world has been working hard on securing the fabrics of their kernel, Apple have concentrated on painting the Lepoard with new stripes. Before you fall into a trap thinking this isn’t as big as they make it out to be – because you need physical (and root) access to update firmware (and the user would have to approve), think of malware or a Safari related exploit. How many security conscience Mac users are there do you think? Wasn’t the original deal move to Mac and forget all your troubles?

Surely Apple can’t be the only keyboard at fault, I’m sure my Razer Tarrantula (with a few modifications) can fall into the same trap – atleast you’d hope so, for Apple’s sake (or not!).

Anyway, woo WINdows 7 to Technet/MSDN guys this week!

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The Simpsons mocks (M)Apple

December 2nd, 2008 No comments

A refreshing new episode of the Simpsons came out last night, amongst the highlights was the spin on the “Apple subculture” and the ‘coolness’ of it all. It pretty much summed up my thoughts on the whole elitist crowd of sour Apples.

From the clip:

You’re all losers.

You think you’re all cool because you buy a $500 phone with a picture of a fruit on it? Well guess what? It costs $8 to make and I pee on every one.

I have made a fortune out of you chums, and I’ve invested it all on Microsoft. Now my boyfriend Bill Gates and I kiss each other on a pile of your money.

– Bart Simpson as Steve Mobs

Bart You legend, summed up my thoughts exactly. Following that speech you can see the inspiration from the 1984 Apple commercial following.

The embedded version appears below as the Youtube version has been yanked, this is from DailyMotion thats still kicking.

It also touched on the touchy subject of Muslims in these uncertain times.

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