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Oracle releases VirtualBox 3.2

May 20th, 2010 1 comment

With the Sun now set, Oracle has released VirtualBox 3.2 finally 🙂 In particular some lovely optimisations for the newer Intel Core i5/i7 processors, Large  Page support (which helps significantly on Windows x64 and Linux) as well as a very welcome optimisation on the networking in VirtualBox as well as multi-monitor support for Windows Guests. Whats more RDP sessions are now accelerated (VRDP).

Amongst the changes from the changelog:

This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:

  • Following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation, the product is now called Oracle VM VirtualBox and all references were changed without impacting compatibility
  • Experimental support for Mac OS X guests (see the manual for more information)
  • Memory ballooning to dynamically in- or decrease the amount of RAM used by a VM (64-bit hosts only) (see the manual for more information)
  • Page Fusion automatically de-duplicates RAM when running similar VMs thereby increasing capacity. Currently supported for Windows guests on 64-bit hosts (see the manual for more information)
  • CPU hot-plugging for Linux (hot-add and hot-remove) and certain Windows guests (hot-add only) (see the manual for more information)
  • New Hypervisor features: with both VT-x/AMD-V on 64-bit hosts, using large pages can improve performance (see the manual for more information); also, on VT-x, unrestricted guest execution is now supported (if nested paging is enabled with VT-x, real mode and protected mode without paging code runs faster, which mainly speeds up guest OS booting)
  • Support for deleting snapshots while the VM is running
  • Support for multi-monitor guest setups in the GUI for Windows guests (see the manual for more information)
  • USB tablet/keyboard emulation for improved user experience if no Guest Additions are available (see the manual for more information).
  • LsiLogic SAS controller emulation (see the manual for more information)
  • RDP video acceleration (see the manual for more information)
  • NAT engine configuration via API and VBoxManage
  • Use of host I/O cache is now configurable (see the manual for more information)
  • Guest Additions: added support for executing guest applications from the host system (replaces the automatic system presimparation feature; see the manual for more information)

Download from VirtualBox or get the Windows build. I’m really hoping the good Oracle keeps VirtualBox open, this is one kickass bit of kit.

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Dawn of the GUI: Operating System GUIs from 1981 to 2009

April 23rd, 2009 1 comment

Here’s an interesting post from WebDesignDepot, a tour of Operating System GUIs from 1981 to the present.


Of particular note is Steve Jobs’ NeXTSTEP GUI from 1989, way ahead of its time. All other operating systems look so paltry and boring in comparison.

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Expensive Granny Smiths: I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.

March 27th, 2009 No comments

A sign of the times ahead, Microsoft have released a decent commercial for Windows after the Jerry Seinfeld round of ads that made you think – wtf?

This time, we meet Lauren, who wants to buy a laptop but for a strict budget of $1000.

Alternatively you can download the full Windows Media Video version or view the Sliverlight version online.

I’m not cool enough to buy a Mac either Lauren, glad to know I’m not the only uncool guy around.

Funnily enough I had a bit of an argument with one of the guys at work the other day about Apple in general. Great timing, great marketing because its true!

Chillax, she’s only an act-tor, a cute frecked red head at that 🙂

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xkcd: I am an iDiot

January 14th, 2009 2 comments

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Codeweavers gives away software today, finally G.W. Bush came in handy!

October 28th, 2008 No comments

We are giving away all of our software for free on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008. This is a fully working, fully supported copy of either CrossOver Mac Professional, or CrossOver Linux Professional. No hooks, tricks, timebombs, or gimmicks: it’s the real deal.

Yes you read that right, thanks to the Lame Duck challenge posted by CodeWeavers earlier this year, they’ve had to ruffle some feathers in the upper-management team to release their software for free as per their challenge:

The catastrophic cratering of the global economy, falling gas prices and President George W. Bush’s recent executive activities have indirectly prompted Saint Paul gadfly software developers CodeWeavers, Inc., to provide free software for every American on Oct. 28, company officials reluctantly announced today.

In July, CodeWeavers – whose software lets Mac OS X and Linux users run Windows programs without having to Microsoft for a Windows OS license – launched the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge ( to encourage President Bush to make the most of his remaining days in office by accomplishing a major economic or political goal by January 20, 2009.

What were those challenges?

The goals focused on President Bush making specific positive accomplishments in areas such as the economy, home values, the stock market, the war on terror and other key issues. Specifically, one goal called for President Bush to help down bring average gasoline prices in the Twin Cities to $2.79 a gallon.

On Monday, Oct. 14, gas prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul did just that.

“That morning, I was filling my tank at Big Steve’s Gas Palace in St. Paul,” said Jeremy White, president and CEO of CodeWeavers. “I had just finished my morning corn dog and 64-ounce Dr. Pepper when I looked at the pump and noticed gas was at $2.79. I screamed ‘Woohoo,’ then I yelled ‘Oh, crap!’ as I realized every American can now have my software for free. Kind of upsets my fourth quarter revenue projections…”

Quick, go signup and grab a free bargain. Its not restricted to just US citizens either – and both Mac and Linux versions of Codeweavers is available. Cheers big ears, thanks for your efforts!

For the next round of freebies, the challenge has been set as follows…

  • Return the stock market to it’s 2008 high
  • Reduce the average price of a gallon of milk to $3.50
  • Create at least one net job in the U.S. this calendar year
  • Return the median home price to its Jan. 1, 2008 level
  • Bring Osama Bin-Laden to justice

As a parting thought of wisdom from the greatest and most widely known comedian IN THE WORLD, I leave you with:

“It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas.”
– Beaverton, Oregan, Sept. 25, 2000

Such deep deep meaning, you can find more inspirational words of wisdom from The Complete Bushisms.

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Smelly Apple? That stinky Mac Pro could give you more than Apple Sauce…

October 2nd, 2008 2 comments

Rotting Apple

Everyones favourite cool trend-setting company, no not Google, I’m talking the fruity company it seems has gone stinky with its premium quality, fresh, low-fat Big Mac Pros.

From an article published in TheRegister:

A French newspaper is claiming some Mac Pro owners are at risk of developing leukemia and other ills from breathing in toxic materials emitted from Apple’s top-of-the-line PCs.

According to Paris newspaper, Libération, an odd odor given off by some Mac Pros could be the result of several toxins used in the machines, including benzene.

“The computer emitted fumes which, after a week of use, caused a pronounced irritation of the cornea and respiratory passages,” he told Libération.

“We have identified seven volatile organic contaminants,” the lab’s Bernard Tailliez is quoted saying. The notable ingredients are styrene, benzene, and its derivatives.

The Apple forums do indeed contain posts about the smelly Pro’s which start from may last year, to quote coogie2 who made the initial comment:

It’s not a plastic smell. The best comparison I can make is if you would pour water on your carpet in the middle of the summer and let it go for a few days. That musty, mildewey smell.

That’s not a smell I’d want to have to put up with on a daily basis at work. According to a blog on the Guardian, it seems the units in question were made in China and not in Apple’s Cork factory in Europe.

Unconfirmed stories suggest the problem Mac Pros have been built in China, not at Apple’s European factory in Cork. If so, the risk could affect few or no UK users.

In either case, all jokes asside if you notice a smelly rotten musky fat Apple you’re best to call AppleCare or Support team (“Its your money. You paid for it.” (1:58), so make the most of it) and get them to look into it.

If they dont address this soon, I smell a lawsuit. Maybe Stevo could send a personal open letter out apologising for the stink bombs himself?

Libération claims that after contacting Apple France, they were told “engineers are working on the problem.”

Lets hope for a quick resolution, maybe its all just a big PR stunt from the Microsoft camp and the smell is really your half-eaten cheesy Big Mac.

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VWMare Fusion 2.0 out, comes with *FREE* McAfee Virus Scan to protect your Windoze…

September 17th, 2008 No comments

VMWare just released Fusion 2.0 which is a free update for 1.x users of the fruity OS, among the enhancements…

  • Greatly improved 3D performance and compatibility with DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 2 software and games. (VMware Fusion runs best with the latest graphics hardware, like the NVIDIA 8800 GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600, and ATI Radeon HD 3870.)
  • When playing high-definition video (720p, 1080i, 1080p) in a Windows XP or Windows Vista virtual machine, VMware Fusion now uses hardware acceleration for smooth video playback

Which is quite a feat, whilst I’m not a Fusion user – No Apple, It just Works!!! – it seems the Fusion Hypervisor is doing some serious legwork now. Whats more (heh) VMWare even ‘collaborated’ with McAfee to give those Apple users a little something something for their Windoze experience:

Virus Protection and Firewall Included for Windows XP and Vista Virtual Machines

  • To keep your Windows-on-Mac experience as safe as possible, VMware Fusion includes a complimentary 12-month subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus to protect your Windows investment


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VLC 0.9.2 Released!!!

September 15th, 2008 No comments

One of the most kick-ass players out there has just released a new version after more than 2 years in development. VLC 0.9.2 which comes with a spanking new UI and a host of cool new features.

enuff chit-chat, go download and install.

NOTE: The server is no doubt being hammered right now, so be patient.
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