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Avoid using Snow Leopard Guest Account, unless you want to loose your home.

October 13th, 2009 No comments

Dude wheres my data? Well chances are you’ve logged into a Guest account on your shiny new Snow Leopard (the world’s most advanced operating system!).

As a confused veteran of the Mac informs us:

Ok accidentally clicked on “guest account” to log into my mac…was taking a while to log in so i walked away, came back a minute later and i was greeted with my normal login list again, my usual acc, and the guest user, this time i clicked on the correct one and when it started up i now have a VERY simple desktop, std snow leopard desktop (not my normal desktop pic) and cant see any HD.

Ive been using macs for decades.. what the heck have i done here? repeated restarts and logins never get me back to me usual user acc?… errrm panic kicking in

They should have a feature listing for that, finely tuned operating system level porn mode! Maybe for iSkeet Leopard 2.0!

But in all seriousness you should disable your guest account, its not worth loosing your /home over. Hopefully you’ve kept backups to revert to. QA much?

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Preorder Snow Lepoard on

August 3rd, 2009 No comments

You can now preorder Snow Lepoard (the worlds most advanced operating system!) on now!


I’ve pre-ordered mine for our Macs at home.

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MILF: Apples answer to the Laptop Hunters.

April 21st, 2009 2 comments

CrApple in all its glory has released four new ads to off-beat the recent mentioning of Mac in the Laptop Hunters series.

For your enjoyment:

Bio-Hazard Suite

Watchout, theres a nasty little botnet going around if you grabbed any pirated copies of Photoshop. *APPARENTLY* OS X also comes with Photoshop for free and doesnt with PC – yes, another dumbass journalist who seems has no clue whatsoever.

  • Free Virus scanner? AVG or AVAST?
  • Free photoshop alternative? May not be a full blown photoshops, but Paint.NET does a damn good job if the GIMP doesnt like you.
  • Free media player? Duuude, VLC rocks, otherwise get the K-Lite Codec Pack none of this Quicktime crapola.
  • If you want lathargic apps, go use iTunes for Windows, otherwise try WinAMP or Foobar.
  • Mac’s are PCs too, dont let Apple’s PR people convince you otherwise. Macs just get a premium on hardware for the privilege.

Legal Copy


Time Traveller

So what does all this prove?

Apple PR

Apple seems to be going directly after Windows and yet somehow get away with bundling aall sorts of applications in their OS. Notice that the Laptop hunters mention Mac but dont just take the piss out of them? Professionalism not Mactardism.

All is OK though, Fake Steve Jobs had taken apon himself to take care of Goldman before live (you got Punk’d dude! 4:25) – notice how the staff get vocal when FS mentions that the head of PR used to be at CNBC?  This is turning out to be like the Energizer vs Duracel ads, nothing like watching the two big cats fight it out.

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