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Dead and Gone: LTTE defeated, Prabhakaran has moved on.

May 18th, 2009 No comments

If you haven’t heard already, the vermon that has been infesting our country has been flushed to the depths of hell. The LTTE has been defeated.

Mission accomplished folks. Time to move on and hope that with one of the longest struggles in East Asia is behind us that Sri Lankans can co-exists peacefully with other Sri Lankans. First and foremost we need to weed out all the corrupted politicians and bring a fresh new outlook to the country that has been damaged with a pointless war – that has hurt both sides.

Ay, lemme kick it to you right quick man
Not on some gangsta stuff man on some real stuff
Anybody who been through the same thing
I’m sure you feel the same way

I guess now’s a good time to start looking at the PR-stunts pulled by the LTTE and the blatant manipulations of the media. See the images of the man who brought pain and suffering to thousands and learn about his background.

In three decades of ethnic conflict aimed at carving out a separate Tamil homeland in the north and east, Prabhakaran managed to consolidate a de facto state and – until now – outsmart successive government offensives.

He terrorised the island and even neighbouring India, perfecting the recruitment and use of suicide bombers before al-Qaeda existed.

His fighters usually took no prisoners and were notorious for assaults that left every single enemy soldier dead.

Funnily enough, the main Eelam home page is now Forbidden (pun there?), but it was alive and kicking for over 10 years.


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