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Give me the Greenlight: Resharper 4.5 Released!!!

April 9th, 2009 No comments

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Download Resharper 4.5, the final just got released 🙂

What the hell have I been smoking? Greenlight (feat. Andre 3000) .

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NAnt: Signing Satelite Assemblies Fix

September 4th, 2008 No comments

I’ve been using NAnt to build our source trees at work (via TeamCity ) and came across a somewhat annoying issue when it comes to signing satellite assemblies.

Problem Background

For several of the projects we use the CSLA framework by Rockford Lhotka, the framework doesn’t ship a redistributable binary blob. When it gets built it generates the following:

total 644K
   0 .
   0 ..
   0 /ca-ES
   0 /da
   0 /de
   0 /es
   0 /es-ES
   0 /fr
   0 /hr
   0 /it
   0 /nl
   0 /no
   0 /pt
   0 /pt-br
   0 /ro
   0 /ru
   0 /sr
   0 /sv
   0 /zh-CHS
 16K Csla.XmlSerializers.dll
156K Csla.dll
4.0K Csla.dll.config
468K Csla.pdb

Inside each of those folders we have the resources for the locale (a Csla.Resources.dll satelite assembly). The NAnt Script uses the KeyFile attribute in the CSC task passing in the CslaKey.snk file to sign the main assembly but it appears the NAnt engine (as of NAnt 0.85) does not pass this key to the Assembly Linker (AL.exe) utility to sign the satelite assembly.

Preliminary Solution

So the easiest way to get around this is to specify in the AssemblyInfo.cs file itself the key file to utilise when signing the assembly. This way the compiler will delegate the key to the child utilties it uses enforcing the key signing process.

[assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright © 2007 Rockford Lhotka")]
[assembly: AssemblyTrademark("")]
[assembly: AssemblyCulture("")]
[assembly: AssemblyKeyFile(@"..\CslaKey.snk")]

// Mark the assembly as CLS compliant
[assembly: System.CLSCompliant(true)]

Hopefully this will be addressed in a future release of NAnt.

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Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 & .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Released!

August 12th, 2008 No comments

Finally after a long wait Microsoft have just RTM’d Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 weighing in at a hefty 851Mb (ISO). The update also includes fixes for .NET Framework 3.5, which brings some cool new features to the table.

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 delivers:

  • Improved WPF designers
  • SQL Server 2008 support
  • ADO.NET Entity Designer
  • Visual Basic and Visual C++ components and tools (including an MFC-based Office 2007 style ‘Ribbon’)
  • Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server (TFS) addresses customer feedback on version control usability and performance, email integration with work item tracking and full support for hosting on SQL Server 2008
  • Richer JavaScript support, enhanced AJAX and data tools, and Web site deployment improvements

The .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 delivers:

  • Performance increases between 20-45% for WPF-based applications – without having to change any code
  • WCF improvements that give developers more control over the way they access data and services
  • Streamlined installation experience for client applications
  • Improvements in the area of data platform, such as the ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services and support for SQL Server 2008’s new features

This effectively means the previous workaround for those who couldnt wait for SQL Server 2008 installation is redundant now that you can download a copy the final release!!! Yay for us!

If your like me and got down and dirty with pre-releases you’ll have to use the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 Hotfix Cleanup Utility first followed by the VS2008 Preparation Tool and try the installation.

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FIX: Rule “Previous releases of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008” failed.

August 10th, 2008 82 comments

Far easier solution is given by Paul in the comments section, highly recommended you follow his suggestion.

As you may be aware, Microsoft RTM’d SQL Server 2008 a few days ago, unfortunately if you have the RTM version of Visual Studio 2008 (any edition) installed you’ll find that installing SQL Server 2008 you’ll get a nasty little surprise:

Rule “Previous releases of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008” failed.
A previous release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is installed on this computer. Upgrade Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to the SP1 before installing SQL Server 2008.

This is all explained in the KB956139 – Visual Studio 2008 SP1 may be required for SQL Server 2008 installations, there is however a fix or a workaround to installing SQL Server without the need for SP1 if you aren’t able to obtain it.

Simply customise the installer so that these components aren’t installed:

  • Management Tools
  • Integration Services
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio

Then things will chug along nicely:-)

You can download it on MSDN Subscriber Downloads or the TechNet Subscriber Downloads section. Dont forget to checkout What’s New in SQL Server 2008.

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Subversion Global Ignore List

June 29th, 2008 2 comments

I’ve been using TortoiseSVN as my Subversion client for a while now (and TortoiseCVS for CVS) but one thing I love about the client is the global ignore filtering. Having to install TortoiseSVN on a new box today I figured I’d post this for reference, its been tweaked over the years but it covers everything I need to ignore.

*.resharperoptions Web_Data log */[Bb]in [Bb]in */obj obj */[Rr]elease */[Dd]ebug *.user *.suo *.resharper */_ReSharper.* _ReSharper.* *.bak *.dll *.pdb. *.class *.exe *.old *.scc *.vspscc *.bak *.vsp *.ncb *.aps */.int */_UpgradeReport* UpgradeLog*.XML
Updated – 16/07/2008
Thanks to my good buddy Edwin Vermeer to include the TestResults Pruning and Setup Projects output folders….
*.resharperoptions Web_Data log */[Bb]in [Bb]in */obj obj */TestResults
TestResults */[Rr]elease [Rr]elease */[Dd]ebug [Dd]ebug *.user *.suo
*.resharper */_ReSharper.* _ReSharper.* *.bak *.dll *.pdb. *.class *.exe
*.old *.scc *.vspscc *.bak *.vsp *.ncb *.aps */.int */_UpgradeReport*

Set the global options by right clicking on any folder, goto Settings in the TortoiseSVN context menu and under the General settings pane enter the above into the ‘Global ignore pattern:‘ textbox.

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