Going Deep: Inside Windows 7 with Mark Russinovich

If you like discussions about deep internals you’ll most definately have subscribed to the Going Deep series on Channel 9. Today they just released a fascinating interview with Kernel Guru, Mark Russinovich – of Sysinternals fame, who is now a Technical Fellow at Microsoft. One of my favourite books would have to be Windows Internals 4th Edition, and reference it quite frequently. Cant wait for the 5th edition!!!

One very important change in Windows 7 kernel� is the dismantling of the Spin Lock Dispatcher and redesign and implementation of� its� functionality into separate components. This work was done by Arun Kishan (you’ve met him here on C9 last year). The direct result of this great work is that Windows 7 can scale to 256 processors and enabled the great Landy Wang to tune Windows Memory manager to be even more efficient than it already is. Mark also explains (again) what MinWin really is (heck, even I was confused. Not anymore…). MinWin is present in Windows 7.

There are some really interesting topics covered in this video, especially the content behind the scheduler and the thread dispatcher.

Channel 9 Going Deep: Inside Windows 7

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