ANTS Memory Profiler 5.1 Review

I recently took a look at the ANTS Memory Profiler 5.1 from RedGate software and posted my thoughts on it at the DeveloperFusion market place. Having toyed with several profilers in the past – DevPartner from Compuware (who’s now someone else who now owns the product) being my primary love since I first came across their .NET version wayyy back in 2002 when I was writing for Australian Developer – see ‘**ASP .NET and the Web: Optimising Application Performance’ (**which became International Developer which are now no longer around!).

ANTS Memory Profiler Summary

If anyone’s serious about their software you ought to have atleast one profiler (ProfileSharp’s free!) with you to catch those nasty leaks and ANTS MP seems to be the best of the bunch right now. While your at it, take a look at NDepend to add to your arsenal.

I love the fact that I can take a few snapshots, go to the Class list and filter by ‘Disposed objects which are still in memory’ and get a quick list, then drill in to find the sources. Give it ago.

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