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Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing: Microsoft launches Bing.

A few weeks ago saw the launch of Wolfram Research Alpha, a natural search engine which could do some funky things. Now Microsoft have stepped up from their previous attempts – Ms Dewey (Janina Gavankar, who’s quite a hottie! reminds me of Tiffany) and now we have the final release of Bing (aka codenamed Kumo) which is going to be a behemoth search engine.

Learn all about the new bling at DiscoverBing or learn the void that Bing will attempt to address, or see the video here.

Wonder why they decided on Bing?

Ding ding ding == bing bing bing?

“Just Bing It.”

“Dewd, just Bing the bastard”?

Bing is Not Google”?

Cashing in on the Lara Bingle’s ‘where the bloody hell are you?’ campaign, which btw was one of our clients at Vividas last year.

In either case, its an interesting take on the ‘aging’ way we search for what we want and seems to go onto the concepts that came with the Wolfram Alpha. When it actually comes out – still shows as coming soon for me, we’ll have to see.

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